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    With your guidelines, formatting, and templates, you can have your transcripts done precisely how you want them.

    Trusted by 22 Clients and counting since 2021

    Never pay extra for items that should come as standard with transcription services

    Transcripts that are prepared exactly how you want them.

    Proofread for errors in grammar, spelling, and context.

    Transcribed in accordance with your specifications, including macros. .

    Delivered transcripts based on your templates

    Transcribed by Experts That Specialize in Your Industry

    Understanding meaning, context, and terminology will help you achieve the level of accuracy that only industry specialists can deliver. Our transcriptionists are experts in a variety of fields, including legal transcription, coding and billing.

    It's simple to include our transcription services into your workflow.

    Send files easily and receive transcripts that are provided just as you want them using your templates, formats, and rules for a seamless workflow connection.

    Wants to know more about Legal Transcription?

    Meet Virtual Experts

    Spending hours revising and formatting transcriptions that you outsource is now standard industry practice.

    What good in outsourcing if you have to pay your employees to remedy someone else’s mistakes? That is incomprehensible.

    When you outsource something to be transcribed, we believe you should receive a final output that you can utilize immediately.

    That is, it is correct in terms of grammar, spelling, and context. It should also be formatted exactly how you want it to be so that you don’t have to do any more effort.

    You get a finished output from Virtual Experts, that you can utilize right away. Your transcripts are double-checked for accuracy and prepared to your specifications.

    Industry Specific Transcription Services

    Since the company inception in 2021, we’ve served over 22 consumers from various fields of medical, law, and general.

    We hire, train and thoroughly vet our transcriptionists.

    All transcriptionists have passed criminal background checks and have professional experience in specific industries

    What they talk about us
    "Since the firm's inception in 2011, I've worked as a paralegal there. Virtual Experts Transcribing, I've discovered, offers the most accurate and timely transcription services of any company in the industry. Their personnel are polite and professional, and their file uploading platform is simple to utilize. We practice criminal defense and personal injury law, and there have been numerous occasions when transcription was required immediately. Virtual Experts have never let us down. For all of our transcription needs, we will continue to use Virtual Experts."
    Rene Martin
    Love them! Great communication. Best end result possible. Above expectations
    Firoz Khan
    Concept Groups
    My tax consultation business was not in the position to hire a dedicated customer service department. Luckily, I found these people. We agreed on terms, and they started handling my customer calls. Happy to work with them and will continue to outsource my customer care services to them.
    Pradhul M Chand
    Senior Consultant, ETMS

    Our Plans

    There are no hidden costs. There are no surprises. Choose between per-line or per-minute pricing.

    Per-Line Billing

    • Standard 65 characters per line
    • No setup fees for custom formatting and custom templates
    • 30 day invoicing option available for repeat customers

    Per-Minute Billing

    • Billed per audio-minute transcribed
    • No setup fees for custom formatting and custom templates
    • 30 day invoicing option available for repeat customers

    Our Price Package


    Category A

    Category B

    Category C

    Rush Rates

    (1-2 business days)


    per month

    $2.00 / audio minute

    $2.50 / audio minute

    $5.00 / audio minute

    Standard Rates

    (3-5 business days)


    per month

    $1.70 / audio minute

    $2.25 / audio minute

    $3.00 / audio minute

    Extended Rates

    (6-10 business days)


    per month

    $1.50 / audio minute

    $2.00 / audio minute

    $2.50 / audio minute

    Our fundamental legal transcription rates are divided into three groups: A, B, and C.

    Category A:

    • In digital format, record a single person storey or a normal one-on-one interview. (i.e. taking notes on current or potential cases you’re working on)
    • Once a hearing is completed, you can dictate outside the courtroom using our smartphone and send it to us , we’ll have it transcribed for you the same day or within a few days.
    • A one-on-one interview with your client or a deposition preparation meeting with your client are also possibilities. Any other formal or unofficial two-person meeting or interview would fall under this category.

    Category B:

    • Any audio with more than three persons in it, any audio with a lot of background noise, and any audio with difficult-to-understand voices (i.e. poor recording, soft voices, etc.)
    • Official depositions with your client and the opposing attorney, or a conference call with two other attorneys discussing a matter, are examples of this.
    • Significant audio would be anything that can affect the audio quality on our end making it take longer to transcribe because we can’t hear the participants very well. Loud background noise such as music, wind, or the sound of the street outside coming through and open window.

    Category C:

    • Panel discussions, focus groups, conference calls, or seminars with many participants; presentations dealing with highly scientific vocabulary or thick accents; and presentations dealing with highly scientific terminology or heavy accents.
    • If there are three or more attorneys present, many depositions fall into this category. Hearings in court will almost certainly fall into this category as well.
    • Please contact us for a precise price. These are very hard to determine without hearing the actual audio.

    If you don't love, you won't have to pay.

    Because our work is precise, formatted exactly way you want it, and delivered on time, we're positive you'll enjoy it. You don't have to pay if you don't like our work.

    How our certified transcribing services can help your company save money?

    Junior paralegals can earn $30,000 per year, while experienced paralegals can earn $60,000 per year. Having them transcribe your audio when they could be doing something more useful that they are qualified to do can save you money on overtime and prevent early burnout in your personnel. Transcription by an untrained paralegal will take anywhere from 8 to 10 times longer than the audio file. This means that a 60-minute file will take them 8 to 10 hours to finish. Our transcriptionists can complete the same file in half the time and with 100% correctness. Meanwhile, your paralegal may get back to doing what he or she was trained to do instead of clocking all that extra overtime from transcribing all day.

    The cost of courtroom transcribing

    Someone other than a court reporter can write courtroom transcripts. Because we have a countrywide team of legal transcriptionists available when you need us, we can provide certified transcripts with faster turnaround times and lower prices than traditional court reporters. Our legal transcription services are often 40-60% less expensive than those provided by a court reporter.

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      Most frequent questions and answers

      We only hire the best and brightest people to join our team. Before being permitted access, each person must pass a criminal background check and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) and Confidentiality Agreements.

      We don’t utilise any speech-to-text software. When you deal with us, you’ll obtain experienced transcriptionists with a college diploma from the United States or equivalent industry experience. We’re so confident in our high-quality transcribers that we promise 999 out of 1000 words will be accurately spelled. In addition, we guarantee perfect grammar and punctuation. Our competitors only guarantee 99 percent accuracy and do not guarantee proper grammar or punctuation!

      For transcription, we accept a wide range of audio files and video recordings. MP3, MP4, WMV, AIF, M4A, MOV, AVI, VOB, AMR, and WAV are among the formats supported. We also accept web-based links to streaming video and audio files. Physical medium is also acceptable (tapes CDs SD cards etc.). Please contact us if you have a file in a format that isn’t included here.

      All interactions between our system and your computer are highly safe and protected by our 128-bit SSL File Encryption security technologies for your piece of mind. Furthermore, we have implemented a network redundancy mechanism to guard against data loss or theft. 

      Our team aims to provide you with the shortest turnaround times possible. In fact, we’re proud of our four-hour turnaround time and will make every effort to satisfy any requests for short turnaround times or those that require a rush project to meet their deadlines. We offer a variety of TAT options, including 4 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, and 5 days, so you may pick the one that best suits your needs.

      Our timestamps are a custom service available for $0.25 per minute, with clients frequently requesting them every 15 or 30 seconds or whenever a speaker changes.

      For recurrent customers, we provide monthly billing, as well as a pay-as-you-go option for one-time projects.

      No problem. We’ll work with you to format your transcription services exactly as you need them.

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